May 17, 2010

Social Emotional Pyramid Tier 2

The following is my take on Tier 2, again relying heavily on the reference.

SEL Tier 2 Essentials (Clark & Alvarez 2010)

·         Administration participation and Support Staff Consensus
o       Should thoroughly understand the need, rationale, purpose & intended benefits of the SEL Tier 2 system
·         Professional development—to learn new SEL content and to develop targeted system for Tier 2 & determine how best practices can be implemented within current school structures
o       Staff training on how to use progress monitoring data for SEL information
·         Other needed resources
o       Time
o       Access to professional books, research articles, social skills programs, materials, implementation logs
o       Access to coaching & consultative support
o       Parents need to be aware, involved and give permission for SEL Tier 2 Services

SEL Tier 2 Guide (Clark & Alvarez 2010)

1.  Identify students from initial Universal Screening
o       Behavior incident data & social skills assessments are the primary measures used to further identify students in need of targeted interventions, along with teacher, student & parent referrals
o       Teacher, parent, student referrals, on their own
§         Important to validate with data (Universal Screener) when possible
§         Must develop a referral form & process
§         Staff needs training on these types of psychological needs to be able to recognize symptoms of internalizing disorders & make accurate referrals, especially if no Universal Screener used
o       Attendance, suspension data, detention information, grades, homework completion rates, social skills assessment
2.Identify specific instructional needs & sort students into intervention groups with similar instructional or functional needs to provide efficient, rapid response interventions to small groups with similar needs
o       Diagnostic assessments (behavior rating scales) can be used to identify student needs, or present functional level of performance
o       Brief or Mini-FBA should match the intensity of problem behavior
§         Can be brief, record review & informal conversations with student’s teacher
o       Focus to reteach social emotional behavioral knowledge & skills that have been defined in core curriculum for all students in Tier 1
o       Identify & implement SEL group interventions
o       Create observable SEL goal with measurable success
o       How will implementation integrity be assessed?
o       How will student progress be monitored?
§         Journals, log sheets, student worksheets, for implementation fidelity
o       Progress is monitored directly & frequently every 6-8 sessions
o       Use progress monitoring data to guide instructional decisions

3.Evaluate implementation integrity & student progress monitoring of behavioral incidents
o       Increasing negative behavior?
§         reconvene to change plan
§         record “plan change” date on data charts
o       Decreasing negative behavior?
§         Continue to implement plan with integrity
§         Progress monitor for 6-8 sessions
§         Reconvene to discuss “backing off” intervention

Evaluate Tier 2 systems via standardized evaluation instrument, for example, the Checklist for Individual School  Systems (CISS).

Clark, James P., & Alvarez, Michelle E. (2010).  Response to Intervention A Guide for School Social Workers.

Website.  Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports(2010)

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